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Bulb Garden Care Guide

Bulb Garden Care Guide

Growing Instructions For Bulb Gardens

Bulb Garden Guide

You have received a pot of pre-rooted Dutch flower bulbs. The shoots may be above the soil line and can be brittle, so please take care when removing the pot from the box. Gently remove the moss top-dressing and water thoroughly upon arrival. If your garden arrives frozen (which will not affect the quality of these cold-weather bulbs), allow it to thaw overnight before watering.

If you are unable to care for your pot of bulbs right away, it may be kept in a cool, dark, non-freezing location for a short period of time.

Caring for your bulbs is easy. Start by removing the pot from the box and watering thoroughly. Place it in a cool location (between 55º and 65º F is ideal) that receives bright light. Rotate the garden periodically to allow even light and keep the stalks growing straight. Keep the soil moist but not saturated. Remove flowers as they fade.

Spring Blush Fragrant Bulb Garden Guide

In a few weeks you will be enjoying the fragrance and color of spring flowers indoors! After the shoots turn green, your garden will begin to grow and bring you weeks of blooming pleasure.

Bulbs may be planted outdoors in a sunny location once all danger of frost has passed (zones 3-8 only). Forcing bulbs indoors uses up a great deal of their energy, and it may take a few years for the bulbs to rejuvenate and bloom again.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Note: If your garden came with a decorative container, please be aware that it may not be waterproof and be sure to place it on a water-resistant surface.