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Paperwhites Care Guide

Paperwhites Care Guide

There is no better way to decorate in the midst of winter than with our brilliant paperwhites. In about 4 weeks, each bulb will produce a multitude of fragrant, snow white blooms to banish winter doldrums.

Place your planter in a cool location for 2-3 weeks to allow roots and sprouts to develop. When sprouts have started, bring the container into your living area and watch the plants grow and bloom. A bright, sunny area during development produces strong plants. Low light will result in long, lanky leaves and stems that tend to fall over. Placing the container in a cool location during flowering will extend the life of the flower. Be sure to set the container on a protected surface to prevent water damage to furniture.

Keep the bulbs well watered at all times and they will reward you with plenty of delightful blooms. Water with care, as bulbs sitting in soggy potting mix soon rot.

Forced paperwhites are treated like annuals. Once they have finished blooming, they will not bloom again and should be discarded or composted.

Saving the bulbs for future seasons is generally unsuccessful and is not recommended.

Download Paperwhites Care Guide PDF