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Making Amaryllis Flowers Bloom Again

Making Amaryllis Flowers Bloom Again

So the holiday season is behind us, the decorations are off the walls and all the amaryllis flowers we forced for Christmas have ceased blooming. As we say must goodbye to the holiday season, you don't have to bid farewell to your precious amaryllis flowers. You can make amaryllis bulbs bloom again, and again, year after year, rather easily. Here's what you need to do:

Once amaryllis flowers have faded, remove the bloom stalk. In case the pot lacks a drainage hole, the bulb will need a new home. Transplant the amaryllis bulb to a different, preferably larger pot, one provided with a drainage hole. Fill in with fresh potting soil and sow the bulb such that the top third portion is visible above the surface of the soil. The bulb will soon signal growth in form of large, attractive leaves.

A bright window will make an ideal resting place for your potted amaryllis. Once it's warm enough, set the pot outside in a sunlit spot. Regular irrigation is essential. Make sure you water the amaryllis regularly so it doesn't wilt. Feed your plant every couple of weeks, using a liquid 20-20-20 fertilizer.

Come September, quit fertilizing your amaryllis plant. Also, reduce the frequency of irrigation to once a week and cease it altogether in October. Cut off the leaves as they yellow and move the pot indoors before the first frost hits. Look for a cold, dark spot to shelter the plant for the next couple months.

You can totally ignore your potted amaryllis for two months, but must remember to water it once again when those two months are up. This should spur new growth in form of a big green flower bud emerging the top of the bulb. Time to move the pot back into a bright spot and resume regular irrigation.

The amaryllis flowers will soon begin to bloom, ready to be part of holiday decorations, again! Repeat the same sequence once they've finished blooming, so you can have them ready for the festivities the next year, and the year after.
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