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Poinsettia vs. Amaryllis

Which Christmas Flower is Best?

Amaryllis Which holiday blooms are better? That's a trick question. I, for one, think flowers shouldn't compete-especially at Christmastime. Poinsettias and amaryllis have been "bringing the joy" for generations, each in their own special way.

Poinsettia enjoys the status of being America's most popular holiday plant. According to the USDA, they account for nearly 25% of the total sales of flowering potted plants each year.

But for many, nothing says Christmas quite like an amaryllis. I get my nieces and nephew each their own amaryllis bulb from Breck's Gifts every fall. I ship them from Ohio to Texas, so the fact that they start out just barely sprouting is a plus. That makes them more resilient and more affordable to ship than a fully leafed out and blooming poinsettia.

Amaryllis The kids love how fast their bulbs grow once they are released from their boxes and set on the windowsill. They give me weekly updates and brag about whose is growing faster. (Did I say I don't think flowers should compete? I guess Amaryllis races are the exception.) By Christmas, their bulbs are in full bloom.

When it comes to poinsettias, call me a purest, but I go with classic red at home. The majority of poinsettia buyers agree, but for those who dare to be different, there are other poinsettia options. My hair stylist once had a speckled poinsettia in the salon that was orange like a sunrise and embellished with gold glitter. It was glorious!

My favorite thing about decorating with living plants is that they literally add life to my Christmas décor. Whether its fragrant, fresh-cut greenery, a vivid poinsettia, a whimsical sprig of mistletoe or an elegant amaryllis, I never tire of spotlighting Mother Nature's Christmas miracles.


Amaryllis Chart

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