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The Symbolism Behind the Amaryllis

Symbolism Behind Amaryllis

There's a reason flowers make such cherished and valued gifts. Their distinct meanings, flower symbology, the history, the intriguing, often fantastical lore associated with them, in addition to their obvious visual appeal- there are, in fact, plenty of reasons flowers have always been deemed singular, special. Amaryllis, one of the modern favorites in flowering gifts has one of the most fascinating of legends associated with it.

Greek lore tells of a shy maiden named Amaryllis who fell in love with Alteo, a shepherd endowed with the strength of Hercules and the beauty of Apollo himself. Her affections unrequited, Amaryllis sought consult with the oracle of Delphi. In following the oracle's advice, Amaryllis would dress in maiden's white and wait outside Alteo's door for 30 nights, piercing her lovelorn heart with a golden arrow each night. Alteo fell in love with the maiden when he discovered her, surrounded by beautiful Amaryllis flowers, on his doorstep.

In Victorian times, Amaryllis came to symbolize strength and determination, due to its tall height and sturdiness. Over the last several years, Amaryllis have become increasingly popular Christmas plants, due to their willingness to bloom indoors in winter and their bright, colorful flowers. Today, they're a fashionable alternative to poinsettias or Christmas cactus! In many American households, Amaryllis are a new holiday staple.

Amaryllis is the living symbol of love, determination and ethereal beauty, and an ideal gift for those you love and care for. So, the next you're looking for presents to express your affection, try some amaryllis flower gifts, and keep the love and the legend alive!

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