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Spruce Care Guide

Spruce Care Guide

Your fresh and fragrant dwarf Alberta spruce is just right for adding a natural decorative touch to a mantel, tabletop, kitchen counter or guest room. Just follow these simple care instructions to keep your tree healthy and green.

Keep your tree near a sunny window where it will receive as much natural light as possible, and away from any direct heat source. Be sure to set the container on a protected surface to prevent water damage to furniture.

Upon arrival, carefully remove the plastic wrap around the grower's pot and reset inside the decorative container. Water your tree thoroughly. The soil should be kept moist, but not soggy, at all times.

We highly recommend transplanting your tree out of its decorative seasonal container immediately after the holidays. It should be repotted in a planter with drainage holes if your climate does not allow for immediate outdoor transplant. Or you may choose to repot your tree in a 3- to 5-gallon container with drainage holes so you can bring it indoors to enjoy again next Christmas.

Alberta spruce trees may be planted and grown outdoors in climate zones 3-8. If your winter is mild, your tree should be moved outdoors as soon as possible after the holidays. If your region is experiencing freezing temperatures, allow your tree to rest in a cool place such as a garage, and continue watering it until the ground has thawed. Then it can be planted outdoors in a sunny location where it has ample room to grow. Mature trees will slowly reach a height of 6'-12', growing 2" to 4" a year.

Download Spruce Tree Care Guide PDF

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